The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba is a recognized voice for issues regarding nutrition programs for school-age children in Manitoba. School nutrition programs make a big difference in student well-being and success.

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The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba is a charitable organization dedicated to helping children learn, grow, and succeed by supporting school meal and snack programs in every region of Manitoba. This basic requirement is essential in equipping students to thrive at school and set them up for future opportunities to gain education, employment and vital skills for life. 

The Council currently provides support to just under 300 schools in Manitoba, providing meals and snacks to over 34,000 students. However, the need is growing across our province and we need your help!

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Check out our newly launched Program Support Shop! This online donation store helps shed light on the importance of school meal and snack programs by highlighting the essential ingredients that are required to make these programs a success. Donating through the Program Support Shop gives you the option to direct your donation to support food purchases, supplies and equipment purchases or nutrition support.

NEW RESOURCE: Pre-Packaged Meal & Snack Items That Meet the Manitoba School Nutrition Guidelines

Serving food in a way that meets provincial health guidelines and lowers the risk of virus transmission does not have to rely on pre-packaged foods. Pre-packaged foods can certainly complement your program, and can be a starting point while we are figuring out how to navigate our new environments. 

Finding ways to serve affordable, nutritious whole foods is important. When serving pre-packaged foods, this resource will help you select ones that meet the Manitoba School Nutrition Guidelines. 


2019-20 Annual Report Now Available!

You can view the 2019-2020 Annual Report here.

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Working Together, A Magazine of the Winnipeg Foundation published a great article called Building Bright Futures, One Bite At A Time: Students Can Focus On Studies Thanks To Healthy Food Provided By Child Nutrition Council 

“It’s reassuring for parents to know if their child didn’t eat breakfast at home, then they can come to school and even if they miss school breakfast, they can still have a snack that’s a healthy choice for them to eat. Parents really appreciate the wide variety of fruits and vegetables we’re able to offer for their kids here,” Lendhart Mair says. “Sometimes parents are even able to help with us with the breakfast program and do some volunteering.”




Save the Date! GivingTuesday is December 3rd, 2019. GivingTuesday is a global movement that showcases the impact we can have when we all work together in the name of social good.

Donate here to make a difference, with your support we can strive to have every child… every day.. be well-nourished!

Fall 2019



The Manitoba Teacher published an article called Feeding the Future by Lindsay Enns about Manitoba school breakfast, snack and lunch programs.  Check out page 6!


2018-19 Annual Report












The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba 2018-19 Annual Report is now available, click here to view.

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2018-19 Annual Report












The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba 2018-19 Annual Report is now available, click here to view.

AGM & One Day Only Fall School Nutrition Workshop

Our 2018-19 Annual Report is now available!


School Nutrition Workshop

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