A Focus on Vegetables and Fruit

We are working with communities all over Manitoba to make increased access to and consumption of produce a reality for children and youth. Take a look through the projects below to learn more about our work on vegetables and fruit:

Building Programs that Deliver on Vegetables and Fruit

This handbook provides guidance for choosing, buying, storing, preparing and serving vegetables and fruit to children and youth. We’ve included lessons and encouragements from participants in the 2008-2015 Vegetable and Fruit snack program throughout, along with great child-tested recipe ideas.

Vegetable and Fruit Snack (funding option)

When schools apply for funding they can choose what type of program they will offer from a list that includes breakfasts, lunches and snacks. In 2014, based on the success of our Vegetable and Fruit Program (2008-2015), we expanded the list to include a “Vegetable and Fruit Snack” option.  A Vegetable and Fruit snack consists of one or more servings of fruit or vegetables and, like our other options, should be available to all students, offered at low or no cost and open at least twice per week. Many schools have opted to offer a vegetable and fruit snack to students.

Vegetable and Fruit Snack Program (2008-2015)

This program operated from fall 2008 until spring 2015 and helped schools, community places, and licensed childcare facilities to increase vegetable and fruit intake for children and youth. The Vegetable and Fruit Snack program was funded by the Province of Manitoba and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Our experience during this program was so great that we decided to add the Vegetable and Fruit snack option (mentioned above) to our regular funding programs. For more information about the history and progress of the 2008-2015 Vegetable and Fruit Snack Program, look here!

Bulk Produce Program*

In recent years, we worked with Winnipeg Foodshare Co-op to offer a Bulk Produce Program to schools and community spaces in specific areas of Winnipeg. Participants in the program could buy high quality, affordable vegetables and fruit in bulk amounts and receive free delivery from Winnipeg Foodshare. This exciting program began operations in the fall of 2014. This program was also supported by the Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance.

Pilot Goals:clock and produce - Version 2

  • To reduce financial, labour, and time inputs for nutrition programs
  • To simplify operation and planning for new nutrition programs
  • To promote increased consumption of vegetables and fruit amongst children
  • To increase access to local and seasonal produce for nutrition programs
  • To contribute to sustainability of WFC and to healthier Winnipeg communities

*Please note that this program is currently not available.