We believe [having a breakfast program] is no longer a luxury—it is now an essential thread in the fabric of our school community.” – Principal, Rossburn Collegiate

Ensuring that children have access to healthy food choices is an important part of a supportive and healthy eating environment in schools and a major priority for the Council.  The Council administers grants across Manitoba for nutritious breakfast, snack, and lunch programs offered during school-time hours.

The Child Nutrition Initiative, funded by The Winnipeg Foundation through the Moffat Family Fund, provides grants for nutrition programs in Winnipeg schools and centres, primarily in the inner city. All other grants for nutrition programs in Manitoba, as well as additional support for Winnipeg programs, are made possible through the contribution by the Province of Manitoba, and individual donors/sponsors.

Program Characteristics

Universal — Programs are available for any student to attend.
Community-based — Volunteers and sponsorship are needed to sustain programs.
Healthy — Registered Dietitians provide support, helping schools to offer healthy, balanced meals and snacks.


Before applying, review our eligibility criteria:

  • Located within Manitoba and operate during school time hours.
  • Open to all children and youth at your school.
  • Available to students at least two days per week.
  • Offer nutritious foods that fall within the Manitoba School Nutrition Guidelines.
  • Promote parental and community involvement.
  • Provided at no cost to students.