Program FAQs

Do programs who currently receive funding need to apply for funding every year?

Yes. For programs currently being funded by the Council, applications are due April 15th of each year. The link to apply will be shared by email. 

When are the reports for funded programs due, and where can I find them?

  • Agreement Letters are due October 15th of each year. 
  • Interim Reports are due January 15th of each year. 
  • Year End Reports are due July 15th of each year. 

Reports and the Agreement Letter can be completed online. The links will be emailed to all programs once they become available.

Do you provide grants for meal and snack programs in summer academic programs?

Yes. However, the current funding level of the Council has, unfortunately, put us in a position where we are no longer able to accept applications from new summer academic program applicants. 

What is required from school meal or snack programs who receive grants from Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba?

Schools receiving funding from the Council are required to: 

  • sign an agreement letter in October; 
  • submit an interim report by January 15th;
  • submit a final year-end report by July 15th;
  • submit copies of their receipts by July 15th; and
  • make themselves available to receive a site visit when contacted from our team of registered dietitians. 

Where can I find more information about applying to the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba for funding?

You can reach out to us anytime by emailing us at or phoning 204-202-1233. Or, you may find the information you need in one of the following PDF fact sheets:

Where can I get more information about taking a certified food handler training program?

You can find more information about the Manitoba Health Certified Food Handler Training Program here.

You can find a list of approved private contractors here. If you are looking for an online course and exam, look at the Area column of the list for different options.

You may want to connect with your school division, community centre, or adult learning centre to see if a training program is being planned in your local area.

Can our program purchase equipment and appliances with Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba grant money?

Approved expenditures for Council grant dollars:

  • At least 80 percent of your total annual grant is meant for food and beverage purchases.
  • At most, you may use up to 20 percent of the grant (or $1,000, whichever amount is less) for any supplies, equipment or additional costs associated with running the program, excluding wages/honorariums.

Special one-time purchases:

  • If you have a 1-time purchase (such as a kitchen appliance) that will cost more than 20 percent of your grant (or $1,000, whichever amount is less), submit this short equipment request form. 
  • Once approved, be sure to keep all receipts to submit with your Year-End Report.

Why does our school need to keep our receipts from grocery purchases? What do you do with them?

Every year we have registered dietitians review grocery receipts submitted by schools. This gives us an idea of what types of snack, breakfast, or lunch items schools are purchasing. The receipts give our program dietitians an idea of what type of food the students at your school are able to access.

Our dietitians:

  • provide feedback;
  • have discussions with schools to see how we can better provide support; and
  • share ideas with schools that may have challenges purchasing nutritious food.

Schools are asked to copy and submit all receipts with their Year-End Report and clearly mark all purchases made with Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba dollars. 

Our goal is for our staff to provide you with an itemized report about your receipts at least every two years. You can read an example here.

Receipts Fact Sheet