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Welcome to Spring!

Coalition for Healthy School Food, Cram, Resources, Vegetables and Fruit | Comments Off on Welcome to Spring! | Apr 8, 2015

Oats and Breakfast_3

During the past few months we’ve been developing a collection of  new resources based on best practices for nutrition programs. We’ve also been developing vegetable and fruit-focused projects, and working with the Coalition for Healthy School Food on a national school food program. Read on to learn more:

Our New Stuff

Best practices provide examples that every program should be working towards or working to maintain at all times. Take a look at our Fact Sheets and Best Practices page to see the (still expanding!) collection and download any resources that will be of help to you. Note that our collection of best practices fact sheets is organized into areas of Nutrition, Safety, Management, Education, Inclusion and Sustainability.

Vegetable and Fruit Projects

We invite you to spend a moment today learning about the many Vegetable and Fruit Projects that we are working on. These projects currently include offering a Vegetable and Fruit snack option to all schools applying for funding and co-coordinating a Bulk Produce Program in Winnipeg.

We also want to mark the end of our multi-year Vegetable and Fruit Snack program with a fond farewell. All of the lessons learned during the program have been integrated into our current programming and we look forward to continuing our work in the field of produce.

Coalition for Healthy School Food

The Coalition for Healthy School Food, made up of more than twenty organizations across Canada, is working towards federal investment in a Universal Healthy School Food Program to ensure all students can eat healthy food at school everyday. As a member of the coalition, the Child Nutrition Council is spreading the word. See for yourself!



Introducing Our New TEAM!

Cram, Resources | Comments Off on Introducing Our New TEAM! | Nov 25, 2014

Have you ever felt like you could use some extra support for your nutrition program? Help planning a menu? An answer to a question about funding or food safety? If you have, you’ll love our new cram Nutrition Team.  Members of the cram Nutrition Team will be visiting programs, planning workshops, developing resources, answering questions, gathering ideas and keeping everyone up to date on the latest news and events.  Meet the team!

  • Maxine Meadows, Registered Dietitian
  • Clara Birnie, Registered Dietitian
  • Viola Prowse, Child Nutrition Council Executive Director

School Visits and Program Highlights


The cram Nutrition Team hit the road this October and visited 15 programs in the Parkland and Westman areas of Manitoba (in 4 days!). The trip was an opportunity to meet school nutrition champions and learn from different programs how they use resources creatively, provide nutritious foods and offer rich learning experiences. The Team also had the chance to provide support and assistance to programs facing challenges, big or small! Check out some of the trip highlights:

MacGregor, Manitoba


At MacGregor Elementary School, a student in grade 5 goes to each class to tally up how many breakfasts he will need to deliver.  Teachers prepare the breakfasts which are then delivered on a personalized cart (with flames decorating it).  Students enjoy their breakfasts during class.

Roblin, Manitoba


At Goose Lake High School the breakfast program is operated with the help of students who do the planning, shopping, preparation and clean up. While we were visiting, breakfast consisted of veggies and dip; orange slices, pears, and grapes; muffins and Wow butter; and an assortment of cereal with milk. Students were comfortable coming and going, sharing food and socializing. Leftovers from breakfast were put out later in the day for a snack.

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

la verendrye3

La Verendrye School has a great snack program that is prepared and delivered to all 350 students in the school with help from Home Ec & Life Skills students. Students demonstrated their skill for teamwork as they toasted whole wheat bread, spread Wow butter, and delivered snacks to all classrooms. What a wonderful visit!

Reminders and Updates

NOV 26: 
Annual General Meeting, Nelson McIntyre Collegiate, 5:00p.m.
DEC 15: 
Reports due for Veg & Fruit Programs
Interim Reports due
MARCH 11: 
Stone Soup Fundraiser, MB Hydro Lobby, 11:30-1:30p.m.


Welcome to Returning Programs

Cram, Resources | Comments Off on Welcome to Returning Programs | Oct 3, 2014

Wow, can you believe that we are a whole month in to the new school year? Our September was “crammed” full of organizing and visiting, and we are very pleased to continue working with over 200 cram and vegetable & fruit programs in Manitoba. We’ve also been getting ready to provide improved services to programs – here are some useful updates:

Stay in the Loop

This year, we are offering a new way to stay connected. Every two months we will send out an e-newsletter to all programs with information and updates. We will also continue to update our twitter, facebook, and website – Get in touch with us this year!!

Stove & blender

Twitter: CramManitoba

Facebook: ChildNutritionCouncilofManitoba

Pinterest: CramManitoba

Council Members

We are lucky to have a great group of board members who are passionate about healthy environments for children. All board members volunteer their time to steer Council decisions and shape our common future. Current Council Board members are listed on our website along with staff and contract staff. See who’s involved

Reminders and Updates

Sept 1-Ongoing: All programs will receive their grants before Oct 31.

Oct 1-31: National Farm to School Month

Oct 8: International Walk to School Day

Nov: Child Nutrition Council Annual General Meeting (TBA)

Dec 15th: Reports due for Vegetable and Fruit Programs

Jan 15th: Interim Reports due for Cram Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Month and Upcoming Application Deadline

Cram, Resources | Comments Off on Nutrition Month and Upcoming Application Deadline | Mar 31, 2014

March is the gateway to spring – or at least it should be! Whether you are seeing warmer weather or not these days, there is still a lot to be excited about. This month, we are pleased to highlight some of Dietitians of Canada’s exciting nutrition month resources for you.

If you are a nutrition program coordinator or administrator, we would also like to remind you to take note of our upcoming grant application and evaluation deadline April 15th.


Simply Cook and Enjoy! 

Last year Dietitians of Canada focused on busting food myths. This year they are helping us all learn to enjoy cooking and putting together healthy meals. Included below are tips on saving money and time, and some inspiring and interactive food resources:

  • Budget Friendly Cooking: Make the most of your funding by reducing waste and making economical ingredient decisions. Don’t short cut on quality – be budget smart instead.
  • Healthy Convenience Foods: Check out this fact sheet for time saving ideas. 
  • Eatwise: instant nutrition information on any food (fresh, whole, prepared or packaged!). Download eatwise for your phone and be informed while you shop.
  • Cookspiration meal ideas for any time of day – another instant feedback resource.

Grant Application and Year End Evaluation Deadline – April 15th

Whether you are applying for the first time or for the fifth, we would love to help you fill out your application forms. Please contact  us for assistance at any time. Also, please note that:

  • Cram_logoIf you received a nutrition program grant from us for the 2013-2014 school year, please ensure that you complete the Combined Application and Year End Report for Returning Programs by April 15th. Ensure that you include copies of relevant receipts.
  • If you are a new applicant, please complete the Application for New Programs by April 15th.
  • Funds are for programs in operation during school hours.

Stay connected with us this month on Facebook and Twitter, for resources and ideas to help maintain your program. And don’t forget to check out our Fruit and Vegetable of the month and Feature Program

(In case you haven’t already guessed, this month’s vegetable is Broccoli!)

Council Resources and New Programs!

Cram, Resources | Comments Off on Council Resources and New Programs! | Dec 30, 2013

Welcome everyone to the New Year! As part of our New Year celebrations, we want to recognize and provide support to our new programs, as well as remind those of you who are “old hands” of some of our old (and new) resources.


Follow us For Ongoing Ideas:

We’ve figured out Facebook and have been working hard to keep you updated. Follow us for local nutrition and food news, simple recipes that will work for a school setting, and resources related to our monthly newsletter theme. Facebook is also where we talk about our local fruit or vegetable of the month and circulate notices.

Make Use of Our Website:

Be sure to take a look through our new and improved website for reporting forms, helpful hints, downloads, and inspiring stories. Some website highlights include:

  • Our video (made with the help of several programs) showcasing the inspiring work that is done in our communities. Use it to help with your fundraising and awareness efforts!
  • Applications and Reports: Visit this page to download reporting forms and keep track of upcoming deadlines such as Mid-term reports for 2013-2014 (due on January 15th). After that, Year-End Reports for 2013-2014 and Applications for 2014-2015 are due April 15th – that’s just 4 months away. If you need assistance with these forms, please contact us.
  • Guides and Handbooks: Here you’ll find food safety information, archived newsletters, Canada’s Food Guide, the Manitoba School Nutrition Handbook, and more.
  • Our cram and vegetable fruit program newsletters: We circulate these newsletters online, and archive them on our Guides and Handbooks page.
  • Altfoodlinks: Are you interested in local sustainable food options, but not sure where to look for them? We’ve made Altfoodlinks to help you find local sustainable food sources for your program, as wellas information about local food industries.


Get in Touch:

Talk with us by email or telephone. We love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, answer questions, and share ideas.

We also make an effort to visit programs throughout the year, just so we can see the excellent work you are doing. We’ll take pictures and notes, and spend time thinking about how to address your program needs. Another network you have access to is the School Nutrition Support Team. Call 1-888-547-0535 anytime you are looking for nutrition resources or tools, or visit Healthy Food in Schools.

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See What Other Programs Are Doing:

Take a look at our feature program each month! This month we’re focusing on one of our new funding recipients. You can also reach out to other programs in your community directly – perhaps you can share your shopping responsibilities, use the same suppliers and get bulk discounts, pool volunteer time, or trade recipe ideas.

“The majority of our volunteers are retired seniors who offer a supportive, intergenerational environment for our students” (Radisson School)

“Students assist in the biweekly shopping for food supplies as well as the grade 6 foods class takes on the responsibilities of making lunches ahead of time for the lunch program” (Edmund Partridge School)