Who We Are

The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba is a charitable organization dedicated to helping school children learn, grow, and succeed by supporting school meal and snack programs. We’re unique because we’re based in Manitoba – and all of the funds we raise stay in this province, reaching children in all regions of Manitoba.

Since 2001, the Council has supported nutrition programs and raised awareness about nutrition issues and the need for food and nutrition policies in schools. We’ve also helped guide decision-makers in developing food and health policies, becoming a recognized voice for issues regarding nutrition programs for school-age children in Manitoba. We are always working on new partnerships, research, and opportunities for programs.

The work of the Council complements the goals of the Manitoba Government’s Healthy Schools’ initiative, “to create school environments that enhance the healthy development of children and their families by working in partnership with community resources and service providers.”

Our Mission:

Leadership in child nutrition for Manitoba school age children through education, funding, and promotion of guiding principles.

Our Vision:

Every child … every day … well nourished.

Our Values:

  • Nutrition for children that supports learning
  • Equity, Excellence, Education
  • Processes and structures that are inclusive, respectful, and caring
  • Social responsibility utilizing effective and efficient strategies
  • Innovation and flexibility with accountability


The Manitoba Council on Child Nutrition was established as a non-profit organization in 2001. The Manitoba School Boards Association played a key role as a founding member and continues to provide critical support. Founded on the passions of individuals who wanted to address the impacts of poverty on their communities, and especially school-aged children, the Council has remained dedicated to addressing the needs of children.

Representatives from Health, Education, Social Services, Business, Volunteer sector, and Community Services and Agencies, work with the Council to raise awareness about nutrition and the need for nutrition programs in schools.

The Council supports over 280 school and community-based breakfast, snack, and lunch programs, serving over 34,000 children and teens each year.

Annual Report

2020-21 Annual Report

To review past Annual Reports, click here

Submission to K-12 Education Review, May 2019

The Council prepared a written submission for the Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education, with key recommendations for increasing access to universal nutrition programs for Manitoba students.    Click here to view the submission.