Announcing a New Look For Our Nutrition Programs

Cram | Comments Off on Announcing a New Look For Our Nutrition Programs | Sep 24, 2012

Nutrition programs receiving funding through the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba will now be part of the Cram network, so get ready for a new look! When you see our big orange toast in your school or community organization, you’ll know that the nutrition program there is Manitoba grown, Manitoba focused, and Manitoba funded.

More importantly, a cram program provides support to children in Manitoba during their developing years by providing breakfasts, snacks, lunches and after-school meals, and also by helping to establish important, healthy eating habits early in life.

The word ‘cram’ isn’t an acronym, its a statement that reminds us of the possibilities within our own communities, the bursting energy of children, and the amount of creativity, resourcefulness and energy that nutrition program staff and volunteers bring to the programs. Staff and volunteers provide such an incredible service, filling our children’s tummies with good food preparing them for good learning days at school, giving them that “first bite of success”.