Manitoba – School Nutrition

Manitoba Healthy Food in Schools supports schools across Manitoba in taking action to promote healthy eating and healthy food choices at school. Their website will provide guidance and resources for anyone working in or with a school on food related activities throughout the school day, including teachers, parents, administrators, students, and health professionals.

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, through their Nüton program, provides free or low cost nutrition education resources and training to Manitoba educators and health professionals. Their “train-the-trainer” programs are developed and facilitated by registered dietitians who provide you with up to date information and resources that are engaging and easy to use. Each one of their specialized programs includes skill-oriented activities designed to help foster healthy food choices at every age.

Manitoba – General Health, Food & Nutrition

Food Matters Manitoba is a registered charity that engages Manitobans towards healthy, sustainable and fair food for all. Through Food Matters you will find support for gardening, accessing local food, expanding your networks, and opportunities to become involved in programs. The Child Nutrition Council is a signing member of the Manitoba Food Charter managed by Food Matters.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba is part of a national, voluntary, non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the health of Canadians by preventing and reducing disability and death from heart disease and stroke through research, health promotion, and advocacy.

Manitoba Food Safety brings attention to regulations for safe food handling is to eliminate the possibility of foodborne illness. Food service and preparation includes serving safe or non-hazardous baked products, cutting of fruits and vegetables, and the preparation of at risk or hazardous foods like meat, milk, cheese.  The way in which foods are prepared, stored and served must be consistent with Manitoba Regulation 339/88 R Food and Food Handling Establishments (pdf). At least one person with up-to-date food safety training must be on site during food preparation.

Winnipeg Harvest is a non-profit, community based organization that is a food distribution & training centre.

School Nutrition and Food Safety Across Canada

Alberta Food Matters advocates for food security and school nutrition funding in Alberta.

Be Food Safe The Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education provides excellent information which will help ensure food preparation procedures safeguard those served. For posters to display in food preparation areas, click here.

Breakfast Clubs of Canada is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing services and funding to school breakfast programs. They do this with the help of individual and corporate partners, all committed to the cause of feeding our children’s future.

British Columbia Directorate of Agencies for School Health (DASH) is a network of organizations and individuals which provides leadership and contributes its diverse expertise to advance the health of school populations across Manitoba. Member agencies work together to share information, skills, and resources.

Canadian Association for School Health is a national association composed of provincial/territorial coalitions whose members promote the health of children and youth through school-related health promotion.

CHEP Good Food Inc. works with children, famlies and communities in Saskatchewan to improve and promote food security.

Feeding Tomorrow – the Canadian Child & Youth Nutrition Programs Network is made up of organizations across Canada that have come together to speak with one voice on the issues of child hunger and nutrition here in our country. The Child Nutrition Council is a member of this network.

Food First Foundation, NWT  has a number of resources and reports relating to school health and nutrition. “Making it Happen: Healthy Eating at School” is an in-depth, online, how-to resource to help parents, policymakers, teachers, and the school community to review current school nutrition policy and make plans for healthy changes. “About School Health” and “School Food and Nutrition in BC” are links to check out as well.

Food Secure Canada’s Coalition for Healthy School Food  is seeking federal investment in a cost-shared, universal healthy school food program that will enable alls students in Canada to access healthy meals at school every day. The Child Nutrition Council is a member of this coalition.

Healthy Eating Alliance is working to ensure every child in PEI attends school well-nourished and ready to learn. HEA has helped to support and sustain over 50 school-based breakfast and snack programs, serving over 5,000 children across the province.

Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador is a charitable organization that supports the education, health, and well-being of school children throughout Newfoundland and Labrador through support of quality nutrition programs.

Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health is a partnership of 25 Ministries of Health and Education across Canada working to promote a Comprehensive School Health approach to student wellness/well-being and achievement/success for all children and youth.

Toronto Foodshare provides many services to schools in the Toronto area including staff support and produce delivery.

Canada – General Health, Food & Nutrition

Dietitians of Canada is a national professional organization providing resources including fact sheets, frequently asked questions, a directory of registered dietitians in private practice. To access nutrition resources covering topics from A to Z, click here.