The following recipes have been shared by programs across Manitoba or tested and approved at our Council workshops.

If your program has a recipe to share, let us know!

Breads & Grains

Salads & Dips


Soups & Stews

Manitoba Home Nutrition and Learning Program

In partnership with the Province of Manitoba, the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba developed educational booklets for students grades K-8, that each include: nutritious recipes, meal ideas and tips, and hands-on food and nutrition activities for all ages! These can be used at home or in the school environment.

Book 1:
Recipe 1: Yogourt Parfait
Recipe 2: Fruity Oatmeal

Book 2:
Recipe 1: Banana Wrap
Recipe 2: Vegetable and Fruit Dippers

Book 3:
Recipe 1: Breakfast Pizza
Recipe 2: Cucumber Sushi

Book 4:
Recipe 1: Breakfast Scramble
Recipe 2: Hard-Boiled Egg

Book 5:
Recipe 1: Yogourt bark
Recipe 2: Carrot cake oatmeal

Book 6:
Recipe 1: Crunchy banana bites
Recipe 2: Tortilla chips with dip

Book 7:
Recipe 1: Breakfast grilled sandwich
Recipe 2: Fruit salad

Book 8:
Recipe 1: Apple French toast
Recipe 2: Egg-in-a-mug

Book 9:
Recipe 1: Banana smoothie
Recipe 2: Yogourt breakfast bowl

Book 10:
Recipe 1: Peanut butter banana popsicles
Recipe 2: Ants on a log

Book 11:
Recipe 1: Breakfast enchiladas
Recipe 2: Cheese and vegetable wraps

Book 12:
Recipe 1: Breakfast burrito
Recipe 2: Egg and vegetable muffins

Book 13:
Recipe 1: Frozen Flying Saucers
Recipe 2: Moonwalk Toast

Book 14:
Recipe 1: Sunshine Bagel
Recipe 2: Snowflake Quesadilla

Book 15:
Recipe 1: Egg in a Hole
Recipe 2: Egg and Banana Pancakes

Book 16:
Recipe 1: Yogurt and Fruit Tortilla Cups
Recipe 2: Breakfast Banana Split

Book 17:
Recipe 1: Fast French Toast
Recipe 2: Power-up Oatmeal

Health Canada Recipes

Check out these quick and easy recipes from Canada’s Food Guide.

Cookbooks and Recipe Resources

Grab and Go Breakfast Recipes

This resource from Nourish Nova Scotia, highlights quick and easy breakfast recipes. Recipes are divided into three levels based on kitchen equipment needed. Choose the recipes that fits your ability! Level 1: No cooking required, Level 2: Basic appliances (ex. fridge, blender, toaster and/or griddle), Level 3: Oven required.

A Collection of Tried and True Recipes 

This resource includes recipes shared by Manitoba school and child care facilities. Created with low cost ingredients and simple steps, these recipes can provide nourishing, tasty options to children while saving valuable time.