School Nutrition Partnership Program

Betty and bread

Each year, University student volunteers are matched with a variety of nutrition programs to accommodate their class and work schedules.  In the Fall term volunteers are involved in the physical delivery of nutrition programs and do such tasks as required by the Nutrition Program Coordinator in that school or centre. In the second term, beginning in January, volunteers will meet to discuss their experiences and identify ways in which to further assist nutrition programs by identifying or developing suitable resource materials. Our partnerships with students have been extremely fruitful and enjoyable, and we will continue to nurture this program.

“I overheard some kids talking about what kinds of fruit they like.  Some
kids were trying new foods that they don’t usually eat every day.  It was
interesting to see how strongly they are influenced by their peers’ food
choices.” — Kerby Sylvester, U of M student volunteer.

“One of the younger boys asked to speak to me for a minute, so I said sure.
He actually stopped to thank me.  It was nice to hear and inspiring to know
he thought to take the time to thank me all on his own without someone
telling him to.” — Jennifer Painter, U of M student volunteer

During the 2012/2013 year a practicum student in Foods and Nutrition at the University of Manitoba served as the Student Coordinator for the School Nutrition Partnership Program.  This student provided leadership and coordination for other students who volunteered with different school nutrition programs in Winnipeg.  She was also involved in the evaluation process of this pilot program.

If you are a University of Manitoba student and want to get involved with school or community nutrition by volunteering through our partnership program, contact us anytime!