Fact Sheet: 8 Great Ways to Add Vegetables to Breakfast

1. Simple raw vegetables: Carrot and celery sticks, cherry tomatoes and cucumber spears are student favourites with or without dip. Experiment with the unusual: turnip, jicama, or purple cabbage.

2. Morning smoothies: Dark green and orange vegetables like frozen spinach, fresh kale and carrots add a burst of nutrients to fruits, berries, yogurt, and milk. Simplify preparation by freezing or buying chopped spinach and kale in small, easy-to-use portions.

3. Pancakes and muffins: Add vegetables to the batter of any recipe. Canned pumpkin purée with cinnamon, savoury zucchini and hearty sweet potato are all well-loved pancake ideas. Muffin additions like shredded carrots, beets, and zucchini add moisture, flavour, and nutrients.

4. Breakfast sandwiches: Toasted tomato or cucumber sandwiches are great for mornings when time is limited and students are hungry. When you have more time add tomato, spinach, or fresh salsa to grilled cheese and egg sandwiches, grilled tortillas, or quesadillas.

5. Scrambled eggs: Bell peppers, mushrooms, and onion OR broccoli, green beans, and cauliflower are perfect in scrambled eggs. For special occasions cook eggs and vegetables into omelettes with a hint of cheese.

6. Frittata and quiche: Transform scrambled eggs into large frittatas simply by pouring whisked eggs into a frying pan over gently fried vegetables. Let everything cook on the stove for 8-10 minutes or until done. Add pie crust and use an oven to make a delicious quiche.

7. Breakfast hash: A mix of finely diced red, russet, white, and sweet potatoes can be baked or fried to serve with eggs. When available, try new varieties like local fingerling, blue, and purple potatoes.

8. Dinner for breakfast: Hot dinner foods are a satisfying way to include more vegetables. Try pasta with tomato sauce, barley vegetable soup, vegetable chili, or vegetable pizza.